Datacenter Information


Located in at 511 SW 10th ave in Portland, Oregon our datacenter is fully Class-II compliant with many features of class-III. Our network is 100% Cisco powered. We have multiple fiber inlet ports and are on 2 metropolitan power grids. All equipment is on full UPS power and is backed by 36 hours of diesel power if necessary. Cooling is provided to the facility via Liebert N+1 air handlers.

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Server base-requirements

We use only server-class hardware which is fully tested or "burnt-in" prior to customer use. All servers are equipped with RAS (Reliability and Serviceability) features such as ECC memory and RAID disk arrays. Most servers are custom built from dedicated server "barebones" servers from Asus, Supermicro and Intel.


Fully BGP'd multi-homed network featuring a bandwidth mix of:

providing 99.99% network uptime. 100% Cisco powered Core and Endpoint switches and routers. The only downtime you will likely see is from server software or OS updates.